Cat toy

0226171212 Always trying to find that one toy for ur cat to love, well that was me and i created it! My daughters cat claimmed this once it was finished and will not let my other cats play with it! But this pattern is quite easy and very quick to make! Ur cat will fall in love with this toy u can make just one or many! ENJOY

Materials Needed:

  • 3mm hook or any hook size to obtain the gauge
  • fiber fill
  • Tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • stitch marker




Round 1:

Mj, 7sc into ring, ch 1

Round 2: start using st marker or ch 1 at end of each round

2sc around

Round 3:

2sc into next st, sc into next st repeat around

Round 4:

sc 2 into next st, sc into next st, repeat around

Round 5:

sc into the next 3 sts, 2sc into next st repeat around

Rounds 6-14:

sc around

Round 15: 

2sc around

Round 16:

sc around

Round 17:

sc into next 3 sts, dec repeat around

Round 18:

sc into next 2 sts, dec repeat aound

Round 19:

DEC around fasten off

Little swindles 

make as many as u want 

ch 20-50 random

2sc into each ch across fasten off

attatch to lower side of the body


use any color of yarn, make a chain about 20 to 30 and sc into each ch across, fasten off and attach to top of the body  or u can use elastic band as well! enjoy












































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